Work From Home Data Entry Jobs – Are They Real?

With the increasing population is the increasing unemployment. We are finding Engineering colleges emerging in every second level of three tier cities, and there’s no count of the number of people becoming graduates every year. But are they all being employed? NO! Then what are they doing? While some of us are seeking opportunities to go abroad or opt for high studies; people who are in short of resources, power and network are suffering for mere affordability. This is where they tend to look for jobs through which they can earn so that they can at least pay the bills. Out of all these jobs, the easiest (at least that’s what they make us think) and the jobs that need minimum qualification are the Data Entry Jobs.

But are they real? So, to do an entry online job; all you need is an active internet connection and a proper home environment where you can sit and work. Initially, when they were blooming, the data jobs were genuine and paying, but as the days started progressing, they turned out to be scams and now out of 100% jobs offered, 90% of them are happening scams. Let me give you a brief of what’s happening in this field. Sure, you opt for a company after coming through them in a newspaper and also as they are located in your town and tends to be more reliable.  Here are the things you should know about work from home data entry jobs.


Now, let us analyze the dangers in it. After contacting them, they will offer you a CD along with an agreement full of rules and regulations that are to be followed while doing the work. Not only that, but they will also ask you to do enormous work in less amount of time for example; to do a 500-page copy entry job within 25 days. At this cost, you need to enter at least 20 days on the daily basis. Does that make sense? Even if, you should have a real fast typing speed to make it work. This target here goes unachieved by more than 90% of the people as they would also need an accuracy of around 80% on a minimum including the grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Going into details, if a single page contains 500 words, you have to type a total of 500*500 words – 250,000 words in 25 days. Assuming that you’re going to, a minimum of 80% accuracy is required; which allows a 50,000-word error on a whole, accordingly. But this is not how it works for them. The accuracy rates are calculated in a way that; Total accuracy rate – Total Mistakes (Grammatical or Spelling) X 30%. For example, if you have typed 72 spelling errors in 250,000 words; the accuracy rate will be 72X0.3=21.6%, and your work will, therefore, is canceled. So, typing less than 72 mistakes in entire 250,000 pages? I would say even Shakespeare can’t do that.


Therefore, it is better to forget about earning from entry online jobs unless until they’re offline, and you know them and their company in real. Else, instead of earning you’ll end up losing the money. How? In the start, they will ask you to deposit an amount ranging from Rs 2,000- Rs, 5,000. Imagine around 100 people being allured and depositing; they will earn around Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs 5,00,000 on saying monthly basis. Apart from that, they will also publish ads on their sites and therefore also earn from the Google Adsense. As most of us fail to finish the supposed job, they will disappear while refunding the amount or they will say that they have given confidential information on the CD of their company and therefore could not afford to pay the deposit amount back for that.

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