What You Need To Know About The Game Moviestarplanet

MovieStarPlanet or MSP is the widely played social interactive fantasy game that has been developed for children aged between 8-15 years. This game is getting quite popular these days. In the game, the players are required to choose their favourite movie star characters and dress them up, make their hair styles, create a movie with them and at the same play and chat with other characters in the game.

The prime aim of the players in the game is to earn fortune and fame with social interactions, watching other people’s movies and making their own movies with the characters. In successfully doing these activities in the game, they earn fortune, Star Coins and Fame Points which help them to purchase more costumes for their movie characters, backgrounds for making movies, home decor, animations and other resources in the game. In the game of MovieStarPlanet, the players are also required to collect autographs, exchange gifts with others and trade some of the items.


Remember, this the game where you need to boost your social interactions, play more games, involved in more competitions because this will help you to earn rewards in the game and as your progress to higher levels you will be allowed to have more characters in the game with other rewards.

VIP Account in MovieStarPlanet

Players can purchase the VIP accounts in MovieStarPlanet by paying a certain amount i.e. 49.99 pounds and in turn the players also get 50000 Star Coins and 350 diamonds along with the VIP membership. The VIP account holders have great importance in the game as they get instant access to additional games, enjoy private chatting, get access to additional animations, movie additions and accelerate their way of getting fortune and fame.


Is MovieStarPlanet a Safe Game to Play?

Well, according to the parent page of the website it is clearly mentioned that the company that designed the game of MovieStarPlanet ensure that they have put all the safety measures to ensure that the game is secure and safe to play.

The company has already mentioned on the website that no player should share any of their personal information or make use of inappropriate or abusive language in the game. There are certain set of rules that every player needs to follow and anyone found breaking the rules will be locked out of the game of MovieStarPlanet. Profiles as well as Ids will get deleted and the IP address will also get blocked in such circumstances.

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