What You Need To Know About Dota 2 Mmr

Players can easily view their DoTa 2 MMR, but they don’t really know how these work or how they are basically computed. There’s actually a bit more to dota 2 mmr boosting than you initially thought, although it’s not that difficult to get the general idea of.

Ranked MMR Calculation

In the beginning, how are Ranked DoTa 2 MMR calculated anyway? As you play your first match or the initial match you have on that particular profile, the match will be randomly chosen for you. After the match, whatever your overall performance in that match is used as basis for the next match to be assigned to you. DoTa 2 database will keep track of your score and performance, this goes for all the normal matches.


Once you have achieved the experience trophy level 50, you’ll be allowed to join the Ranked matches. In ranked matches you gain 50-100 experience trophy point; these points will heavily depend upon each and every match alongside time actual time of the game.

Let’s say that the average point is 75, which means that players will have to play an estimated 150 matches in order to achieve the level 50 experience trophy. Take note that we’re not talking about your level in DoTa 2, we’re pertaining to the Experience Trophy points. Players have to play about 10 calibration matches, afterwards their Ranked MMR will be visible on their profiles.


You Normal MMR will be the basis for the first ranked match team assigned to you. In your calibration match team, will either increase or decrease your MMR depending whether win or lose. In order to properly quantify and track each player’s skill, DoTa 2 database use standard techniques. MMR is basically the summary metric that measure your overall skill in DoTa 2.

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