What Are The Powers Of Himawari In Boruto Manga?

As the new Boruto movie released along with the Borutomanga, we were presented with Naruto’s two adorable children Boruto and Himawari.  While the film revolves around Boruto, son of Naruto there is an exceptional air developed about Himawari, who acquired the personality of his mom, Hinata.


Playing the sister of Boruto, she has love towards the family and the same understanding like Hinata about Naruto’s responsibility as Hokage, unlike our spoilt brat Boruto. However, as the episodes are passing it is revealed that Himawari has certain abilities that are genetic. It was the day Naruto got to be Hokage, and apparently he rested too long. Hinata needed to go, so Naruto was separated from everyone else with the children.

What’s more, not even after a second Boruto and Himawari quarrel over her teddy bear, they pulled on both endings so hard until it breaks – which is a tragic ordeal for the little girl. Obviously, she was irate at Boruto, however, what we didn’t expect was her eyes.The girl has the Byakugan.


That was some stun, in light of the fact that she had ordinary, dark eyes, unlike Hinata’s light colored eyes. So what I’m asking myself now is: Can Boruto additionally have the Byakugan? If yes, wouldn’t it be awesome to see Rasengan and Byakugan together? Thus, Himawari got super solid and kicked her sibling and her dad in the gut. Hinata discovers Naruto went out on the floor and passed a comment about his laziness.

Now the thing is who among them both is gonna acquire the sage mode? It would be awesome if Himawari did along with her Byakugan. But since Kakashi and co. Couldn’t simply tell the group what happened, Konohamaru transformed himself into Naruto and completed what Naruto should. Always the loyal one, Konohamaru!

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