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I’m pretty sure we are pretty excited about the Suicide Squad movie. The quirky and thrilling trailers have charged everyone up and all of my people are planning to hit the movie theaters as soon as the movie releases on the 4th of August, this year. This is one of the first movies of its kind and is an extension on the DC World. Directed and written by David Ayer, this movie has very well-known faces like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Carla Delvingne. This movie also sports Ben Affleck as Batman, the Dark Knight who wreaks fear amongst all the bad guys of Gotham. This movie hasn’t really taken out any of its secrets but we can still guess the storyline a bit from its trailers.maxresdefault

Suicide Squad, distributed under the name of Warner Bros and you can watch suicide squad in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D, is an action thriller based on characters from the DC Comics by John Ostrander. It’s an anti-hero movie where super villains are recruited to save the world! Yeah you heard that right, the intelligence agency headed Amanda Waller by decides on forming a team to execute some covert operation. The world faces great threat from nan unknown source, a source that no one knows of, a source that can’t be fought by the general law enforcers. So the Intelligence agency headed by a firm and decisive head, takes one of the most risky decisions of their lives. They are going to free the prisoners that they had spent a lifetime capturing to save the world. Pretty intimidating right? Well most of these prisoners were caught by Batman and were put behind the bars of Belle Reve Prison. They are ruthless killers and are kept on a tight leash by putting explosives on them that will detonate if they ever take a wrong step. The ruthless super villains are also promised decreased sentences if the task force is successful. Use evil to fight evil, pretty nasty right?

To be honest after the last trailer, I’m very charged up for the movie. If you haven’t watched then the last trailer features Batman chasing Joker and Harley Quinn together. Harley Quinn who has always been very fascinated with the Joker gets rocketed into the river due to a collision during the chase and the Joker gets away. Batman then jumps into the river to save Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie. Sources close to the production have said that this movie is going to show the great superhero, Batman in a completely new light. We were used to seeing as the caped crusader vigilante determined to rid Gotham of all it’s leaches but according to the production a new angle has been added to the movie. This movie has portrayed Batman as the only living being , all the criminals in Gotham are scared of and his name wreaks fear in the mind of the villains. In a matter of speaking we can say that Batman is the bad guy in the anti hero movie with the super villains as the good guys.task-force-x

Jared Leto who is playing the role of the Joker in the movie and has to live up-to the legacy of Heath Ledger has been drawing to headlines to himself. He was so serious about his role that it is said that he never broke character during the shoot of the entire movie and did freaky stuff like send bullets and rats as gifts to his co stars. Not breaking character during the entire time, Wow! Those will be some high standards for his co stars to live up-to. Will Smith went as far to saying that he never knew the real Jared Leto. That’s how deep Jared Leto had dived in his character! Man this movie better be good or else I’ll he more disappointed than my parents were about my future.

Pretty crazy right? Can’t wait? Well I can’t wait to watch Margot Robbie adorning the role of Harley Quinn and she is been the standout in all the trailers till now. After her successful venture with Martin Scorsese in Wolf of Wall street, it will feel pretty different to watch her playing the role of an acrobatic, psychopath super villain. And guess what she has pulled off most of the stunts in the movie by herself according to her director. What a crazy team! The heat is building up so much. I can’t wait, can you?

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