Should Your Business Be On Instagram?


In this day and era, Instagram is a must have for any business. The platform allows you to share photos and videos about your business which is always a good thing. Just like any other social platform, Instagram is free to use and offers you great opportunities of increasing your brand awareness. Over the years Instagram has been growing in popularity and now boasts of having more than 300 million active users on a monthly basis. This alone should provide you with enough reasons to join the platform as a business. This piece highlights some of the reasons as to why your business needs to be on Instagram.

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  1. You get to market your products in a creative way

One of the most advantageous things about Instagram is on how it displays photos. The platform allows you to filter and edit your photos in a creative manner which is always encouraging. The more creative your get the higher the chance that you’ll be able to increase the attention of your users. When you do it right your followers can even share the content on other social media platforms.

  1. Increased engagement

Unlike on Facebook and twitter, branded updates are never overlooked by Instagram users. If you run an active Instagram account that continuously offers meaningful and interesting content to users on Instagram, your content is most likely going to generate more engagement with your target audience which is what you want for your business. You do not even have to buy instagram followers in order to succeed. If you can produce useful content you should be able to succeed.

  1. Instagram will help you build trust

Since branded content is always the best way of generating engagement, it means that Instagram can be your best bet to building customer trust. The platform offers you the perfect opportunity to creating an emotional connection with your audience which is always useful to your business. When you share your day to day experiences with your potential customers they get to understand you and your business and as trust grows, you can convert them into sales.

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  1. Increased traffic

In as much as Instagram does not provide for adding clickable links to your updates, it is still a powerful source of traffic. Statistics show that Instagram has a high engagement level than even Facebook which is something your business can take advantage of. We can also build some hashtags such as who unfollowed me on instagram and bring the traffic to our profile 

  1. As a business you get to learn about what people like

Did you know that people could already be talking about your business on Instagram even without your knowledge? We often see photos of people’s favorite dishes on their Instagram page every time they visit one of the favorite restaurants. With such trends, it is possible to have an idea of what people like and you can apply the same to your business. Instagram has a fantastic feature which allows you to tag your location. When a customer uses this feature, to tag the location of your business, their friends will see the same hence they can also market your business.

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