Say Hello To KIK!

It is a fact that smart-phones have, figuratively, taken over our lives. We eat, sleep and live with our smart-phones faithfully by our side. No wonder, they will have an impact on our dating lives too. The KIK messenger is a messenger app which is available on all platforms like Android, Windows and iOS. The specialty of the app is that it is specially designed for couples. Let’s have a look at the salient features that this messenger app comes equipped with:


  • You get to know when your message was delivered and read. The makers of this messenger app brought this service in to the market much before Whatsapp. In many cases we keep sending the same messages over and over again, unaware if the other person has his/her mobile switched off. This way we can get to know when our message gets delivered and read.
  • One can send images online while in the middle of a call. Now, that’s cool isn’t it? This allows multi-tasking as we have never known before on smart-phones.
  • The messenger service is very fast. Unlike SMS, the messages get delivered really fast. You no longer have to rely on the whims and fancy of the service provider for getting your message transmitted. If you have a decent WiFi connection, your messages will get transmitted in no time at all.


  • KIK messenger is, most importantly, for people who are dating. Now, there are instances when we aren’t too sure about the other person and just want to chat with them without having to disclose our contact information. KIK allows you to do just that. Your profile is identified by your user id. In that case, if you are not comfortable in sharing your contact information, you are at perfect liberty to do that.

Apps are meant to make our lives a whole lot easier. This surely proves a lot about that!

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