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Rehab Malibu The Best Addiction Treatment Centre

One of the major problem the world facing today is drug addiction. Every country fight hard against the drug smuggling but it has not stopped slowly spreading throughout the world. People from different age groups and genres facing the problem of drug addiction. Sad thing is even children also trapped to take drugs and became addict to it. It is also called the substance dependence which It means the person who is addicted to it and he can stay without it and he have a very high need to take that drug. Drug addiction make the person includes other behaviours. The addicted person thinks the only thing he want in this world is the drug and also he thinks that the drug is more important than any other thing in this world including family and friends. This causes many side effects including death of the person.

Drug rehabilitation is the treatment for the drug addicts in the psycho therapeutic or medial process for the substance dependence such as cigarettes, alcohol, and the dangerous drugs like heroin, cocaine or amphetamines etc. many addition rehabilitation centres are available in all parts of the worlds in order to save the drug addicts.

People are searching for the best place for friends, family members, or themselves for drug addiction treatment. Rehab Malibu centre is present in southern California, the United States of America is one of the most famous drug rehabilitation centre in the world.They certainly teach about the methods for healing the underlying issues.

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Malibu rehab is the one of the best rehab centre in the world till date. These centre is present inside the two passages where you will find the most sophisticated and complete treatment for the drug addicts in the world. This was founded in the year 2002 by Pax Prentiss and Chirs. Their initial aim is to provide the best treatment for this they want to select the best beam with the best professional.

They want this team which consists of all kinds of specialists such as hypnotherapist, family therapists, nurses, trainers, psychologists, spiritual consolers, and many more specialists which made sure that they will take care each and every addicted person at each and every stage of the course. Person will not be same as person when he comes out of these world class Malibu rehab centre. You will be completely changed new person who strikes all his bad addictions.

The important thing here is they never see the addiction as a disease unlike the other rehabilitation centre present in the world. The therapy treatment here is also unique style by their therapists when compared to the others. They created the friendly environment to treat the different kind of addicts. They never follow the 12 steps program unlike the others their way of treating is always different which makes it stand tall.

Passages treatment policy for addiction is entirely different. They did not treat the addiction as the disease or any other kind of bad thing. Their main policy is to find out the reasons which makes the person addicted to the drugs or alcohol.  Instead they treat it simple and their researches research on the different addicted people on drugs and alcohol shows they addicted to these mainly because of the following 4 cases they are


  • The chemical imbalance in brain like depression, anxiety or any other over thinking.
  • Unresolved happening from the past which marked bad impact on their life to forgot such as love failures, death of our close, family problems, and many more other things which made the huge impact on your life.
  • Things you mark true in your mind aren’t true.
  • Present conditions which you are not survived with.

There researches shows that the person who addict to drugs or alcohol is mainly due to the above four reasons. Through their direct experience and in detailed research they conclude that not reason the person addicted to alcohol or drug is problems of the inter lying issues but not due to the primary problems. They became top in the with non 12 step treatment policy in the addiction field right from the start of the rehabilitation centre in 2001.

First they find the reasons why the person is addicted to the substance and treat accordingly to heal it. The most efficient, effective, permanent rule is to find out why the person it substance abuse, if the person is interchange with an not diagnosed chemical imbalance like anxiety or depression or many other problems which are not solved etc. passages in Their entire programme aim is to complete the better treatment using an advanced one on one approach on therapy. If you want to relieve a person from the addiction don’t believe the false rehabilitation centre which treat the addiction as the disease and addicted person as the patient. So be diligent in picking the Rehab Malibu centre and out as a new changed man. Life is never same as before be live as an addiction free person.

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