Proper Syntax Of A Research Paper

The word research symbolises lots of analysis, reading. Research is a wide field, where one has to put a good amount of effort physically as well as mentally. It is basically a deep understanding of a existing topic and suggesting the changes in it. Research can be done on anything and anywhere. It all depends on your area of interest. You can choose the complicated topics like chemistry or physics, or can go with something like latest technology which excites you.

If you think that you can add something to any subject, or if some theory is not going well with your mind, or if you have the solution of any unsolved problem in any particular subject, then yes, you are perfect for the research on that subject. After doing proper research you can write your own research paper or can pay someone to write a paper.

A research paper is the documentation or we can say an extended essay about the expert’s opinion (what you studied) and your own interpretation. In any research paper, the most important thing is your own evaluation or your argument that you want to propose to the world. A research paper is not just a piece of document, but it is a summarization of your understanding and your thoughts on a subject. It is a document that shows your idea to the world.


Research papers are the important documents that have a standard format. Apart from proper knowledge and idea, proper format of the research paper is also important. If your research paper is not in proper format, then it could be rejected.

So here goes the format of writing the research paper

Font size:

Text size of the general text should be of 12px. Heading can be of 14 pixel and the main heading should be of 16pixels. Coming to the font face, then Bookman, Geneva, Helvetica, Times etc are preferred mostly.

Topics to be covered in the Research paper are:

  • Introduction
  • Abstract
  • Materials and methods
  • Results
  • Literature Review


It is basically the objective, or the aim of the paper. It should not be more than 2 pages. It makes the reader understand your point or your objective. An introduction should contain points that explain:

  • The importance of your paper
  • The model you choose to work upon
  • Brief design of your model


This topic should not be greater than 200 words. It should be the summary of your Research paper. The reader should get the glimpse of the general problem to problem, important conclusions, pertinent results.

Material and methods: Easiest section of the research paper, that consists of the things that was or will be required for the objective to be received. It should be a step by step procedure that was taken by you to accomplish your goal.


Literature Review:

One of the most important part of the paper is this section. It deals with the past related to that subject.  By past we mean, what other theories, and papers were established on that topic, what other researchers have done in this field. All this information is mentioned in detail in his field. It basically deals with the knowledge you got from studying various books and papers.

Results and Conclusions: Significant topic of your research paper in which you specify your findings, your evaluation. This field deals with your observation and your deduction capabilities. You can suggest your new approach in this field.

This is the general format of any research paper. There are other formats also specified and you are free to choose any. But be careful with going with them as even minor mistake can lead to rejection of your paper.

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