Pokemon Go – The Fastest Recognition Gaining Game Ever

Pokémon Go is a famous location based game developed by Niantic. The game was published by the Pokémon company on July 6, 2016 as a part of Pokémon franchise. The game is specially designed to work on android and iOS platforms. The game belongs to the augmented reality genre that means it is live i.e. the player will feel like he is in the world of Pokémon only.pokemon-go pokemon-go

The very first choice for the player after logging into the game is to create his own character i.e. the avatar. It will have the dress, colour, hairstyle everything according to the players’ choice only. Then this created avatar is shown on a map with nearby surroundings. The map has locations indicated for PokeStops and Pokémon gyms. The movement of player in reality will make the avatar move accordingly in the map. Pokémon can be found anywhere in augmented reality mode. The player has to find as many number of Pokémon’s as much it can. The found Pokémon’s will come under the players’ ownership. After the Pokémon is captured, the player is awarded with candies and stardust. These can be used to increase the Pokémon combat power. Candies are used for levelling up in the game. The final aim of the game is to get entry inside the Pokedex by capturing 151 numbers of Pokémon’s. There is also a criteria for gaining experience points by rising up the level every time. When at level five, the player can join  one out of three teams, red, blue or yellow.

Within 24 hours of release, the game topped the App Store and the Google play leaving behind even Clash Royale and within one week it estimated over 15 million of downloads. The game became popular among the android users in a very short period of time.

However, the game received mixed reviews. On one side, the critics praised the different features of the game but on the other hand the found several technical issues. The game even led to accidents and public nuisance at various places.

The few Pokemon go tips includes to catch every nearby Pokémon found so that more candies and stardust can be earned. The augmented reality should be turned off as it makes it harder to catch a Pokémon. Pokeballs should be used carefully. The player should keep a watch that the network doesn’t get disconnected while the game is on. The above mentioned tricks will make it easier for a player to level up in the game.

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