Everyone who loves phone games will find Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector a game too interesting to ignore. The game was developed by Hit-Point in year 2014 and involves collecting virtual cats. The basic understanding is that the game involves enticing virtual cats into a virtual yard with the cats leaving the collector with plenty of benefits. Important to note is that not all cats are of equal value to the player.
In this game a player furnishes their garden with virtual toys and possibly furniture and provides sufficient food for the cats with an intention to create a favorable environment that is friendly enough to pull as many cats as possible.

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The player benefits from these cats by taking photos of them which he can store in an album. In addition, the cats will leave the player with gifts while leaving the yard. The gifts are referred to as “fish” and can either be gold or silver in color. The gifts are of convertible nature and the player uses them to acquire new food for the cats and create more attractive environment that will bring more rare cats since they leave him with higher value gifts which are referred to as goldfish. He can also use this to expand his garden. There are a total of 49 cats and out of these 17 are classified as rare cats. To be in a position to entice a rare cat into your garden, you require an understanding and application of cheats and tips for neko atsume. This will earn a player neko atsume cheats goldfish. The primary task of the player is to identify what nature of toys and food will attract more cats especially the rare ones because of their uniqueness.

There are several cheats and tips that can assure goldfish to a player. First and foremost, high level of creativity is required. The player exercises the art of decorating and arranging their yard in such a way that it remains attractive to cats. Another way is by the player going for those toys and furniture that make the cats feel more comfortable. These could include soft pillows and chairs. Also, a player needs to identify items that attract a rare cat and go for more of them. For instance if a certain food is liked by a rare cat, next time you provide more of it so that you reap from it. Spoiling the cats with food is another effective tip. Do not just provide ordinary food to the cats but rather go for that food that will make the cats come again and again. In neko atsume cheats and tips, a player is advised to go for the items that are themed since they draw rare cats like Tubbs. Lastly, to gain a lot of fish, it is advisable to go for a certain type of a rare cat that is usually white in color. This cat takes a short time in a garden and the secret is to keep refilling its bowl of food to make it stay longer.

The benefit of neko atsume cheats goldfish is an assurance if a player will effectively apply the above tips. Finally, it is good to note that this game has no winners and losers. It is therefore a non ending one and can be played by people of all age brackets.

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