Mspy Review: Effectively Spy On Your Computer And Smartphones

Spying on someone’s own devices may not sound like a very feasible idea – but let us explain why you may need this service. If you have an early teenager kid who seems to hide something suspicious from you especially when they are browsing internet, or a new employee you have employed to look after some of your properties but you doubt whether they work properly or spend a whole lot of time talking over the company provided cellphone; then you may probably need a subscription for the mSpy app. It’s a spying app available in different variations for different functionality and at a great price. In this mSpy review, you will get to know the details.



The pricing is very different for phone and desktop devices individually, however a Family Kit is offered where both platforms are offered at a more reasonable price. The app come in three tiers and the yearly price ranges between $99 to $199.99 for Basic and Premium versions; and a Bundle Kit is available for $229.99. The PC version however, comes in only one variant named basic and it costs $69.99/year. There’s a bundle kit that combines some flavors of both the PC and smartphone version, and they are quite costly. The Mobile Family Kit costs $479.97/year and Desktop Family Kit costs $167.97.

mSpy for Phones

The phone version of mSpy is currently available on iOS and Android platforms – which sums up majority of the smartphones out there. mSpy for phones comes with features like –


  • Calls Management: Using mSpy, one can remotely track a smartphone’s call register with their date & time stamp.
  • Spy on Text and IM: Using mSpy, all the text messages could be viewed along with their sender’s number and timestamp. This also works for any IM app installed on the smartphone.
  • Email and Internet: mSpy can show the emails sent and received on a specific smartphone, also the internet history.
  • Take Control of Apps and Multimedia:Using the spying features, user can remotely see the Gallery contents, also operate the installed apps remotely.

mSpy for PC

mSpy for PC offers simple yet very useful features, like –

  • Screenshot &Keylogger: mSpy for PC can take screenshots on a certain frequency and log key-hits and store them securely.


  • Activity & Software Use:mSpy will track which software are being opened and used, with screenshots and timestamp.
  • Email & Internet: Like the smartphone version, mSpy for PC offers a similar functionality.
  • Skype:mSpy can very effectively keep record of Skype usage.


Both the smartphone and PC version of mSpy are feature rich. Hopefully this mSpy review has helped you making a decision!

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