How to Successfully Conduct T-Ball Practice Drills


Coaching a t-ball team is never easy; for you to be successful in the whole process, you need to mix skill development with a little bit of fun. Since these are kids that are between the ages of four and seven years old, they are not actually looking for hard skill development, and this, exactly, could be the right time to help them learn a few fundamentals, but at the same time develop a sense of fun. Here are few tips on how to run very successful T-ball practice drills for kids.


Make the drills fun

Kids have a very short attention span; you can lose a kid’s attention in a few seconds, if there nothing that is going on that interests them. Thankfully, there is something that can be done about it. One of the most effective ways to deal with the short attention is to make every drill fun. One way to make your drill fun is to make it funny. Try to be funny and look for ways you could possibly make the kids laugh. Always keep this in mind when you are conducting your t-ball drill and practice sessions.

Keep the practice drills short

As with any other sport, keep your drills as short as possible and take a number of breaks throughout out the practice. For example, when it comes to kids, a two 5-minute session with a break in between is more effective than one 10 minute practice session. However, should you realizes your young players are doing great staying focused, try to lengthen the drills a little bit and see how that turn out

Make it competitive

For more effective and fun-packed drills, make the whole process competitive; let’s say with a reward at the end. Some kids are not as competitive or skillful as others, and as a coach take some effort on your part and keep them interested. You could take the less-skilled kids and have them compete against each other rather than against the more skilled kids. Plus, you could even go a head and skew the whole competition to their favor to make to provide a level playing ground.

Keep score

Keeping score is another great way to make the practice little league baseball drills fun and enjoyable. Keep score of the practice by giving out stickers for any positive action. Tell the kids there is a prize at the end of practice for players with most stickers. However, you need to be very creative when it comes to this one. If a kid is getting discouraged because he or she doesn’t have many stickers, look for a way so that he can earn some stickers.


Don’t talk too much

You can lose a kid’s attention in a matter of seconds if he or she is not interested in what is being said; always keep that in mind. So instead of talking and talking, if it is something that can be demonstrated with a video clip, go ahead and use that. Plus, you could also have your players take turns demonstrating what they have learn so they don’t hear the same voice over and over.

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