How To Get Bigger Bum?

Being a girl with a small surface bum is a not good combination. Having a smaller bum can definitely affect your looks which directly or indirectly affects your confidence level. Skinny girls may not look attractive and girls with big booty are always preferable. To be precise, boys call it a bad figure. Being oversized or having a heavy bum is also disliked. So to overcome these problems or to get a proper figure there are various methods available. By following them, one can get a proper shape.

Improvement process starts from the time when you decide that you have to improve. If you want a have a sexy booty, you need to make some changes in your lifestyle. These changes can be minor like changing your walking or eating habits or can be major like including exercises and yoga in your daily routine. So here are some changes mentioned below that you should adopt to get a well shaped bum.


  • First one is the minor change. Change your walking habits. Walk like a diva. Walk like every super model does. While walking, throw your shoulders back, arch your lower back, and try to walk in a straight line. It will help in making your butt prominent, will reduce the weight of your torso and will make your chest look bigger.
  • Exercises: This is the first and the foremost step in the process of Butt Enhancement. You can have a bigger bum if you prefer to do the mentioned exercises daily. It there is extra fat in your buttocks and you want to burn those calories then here are some of the exercises that can really help. Here is the list of the activities that you should perform daily to get a sexy figure from a overweighed figure:
  • Squats: One of the most efficient exercise to burn the extra calories from the hips. It makes the buttocks stronger and leaner. It also strengthens them. Way to perform this exercise:

Stand Straight.

Keep your feet away from each other (spread them) according to the width of your shoulders.

Keep your arms on side in resting position.

Now, go downwards by bending your knees, as if you are trying to sit on an invisible chair. Bend your knees till they become parallel to the floor. And then come back to original position by just doing reverse movement. One should perform at least 100 squats at a time. The more you workout, more you will loose, and more sexy you will look.


Be cautious about your arm’s alignment while performing this exercise. They have to be aligned with your with chest.

  • Yoga: One of the best ways to keep the body and mind fit. Not only to get a fit butt but also for a healthy body and senses, yoga in recommended. Common Yoga exercises like the pigeon, the lizard, the crow, the frogetc are the well known butt enhancement exercises.
  • Apart from these, other exercises like side lying leg lifts, side lunges, toning exercises, kickbacks, leg lifts etc are there. Try all of them and choose the one that suits you most.
  • Playing Games: There are certain games that also improve your buttocks muscle. You can get your shape back in a playful manner too. Games like Volleyball, field Hockey, Swimming, Cycling, Soccer, cheerleading, skiing, running, Gymnastics effects your hip muscles.
  • Wear proper Clothes: Clothing can also affect the shape of your butt. Always try to wear a fitted size jeans or leggings. Loose clothes make your appearance dull.
  • High heels: This is the fastest way to make your butt look sexier. High heels always make your butt and chest looks more protruding. They provides curvier look to the body.
  • Change your Inner wears. In the market there are many butt enhancing padded or fit shape wears are available. You can choose the one.
  • Proper Diets and meals: That’s the most common and the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Eat protein rich food but that too in a required quantity. Excess of everything is bad and even excess of proteins can have negative impact. If you are skinny go for energy rich nutritional food. If you are more of oversized, then cut off the food containing fats more. Avoid junk and fried food. White sugar, refined, oily food should be completely ignored. Fresh fruits, raw vegetables, lentils, brown rice, beans etc should be included in your diet. To increase the protein intake you can add Eggs, Lean Red Meat, Poultry (Chicken and turkey), Whey in your meal. Some of the other food stuff that can help are:


  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Quinoa
  • Tomatoes
  • Oatmeal
  • Leafy Green Vegetables
  •  Berries

These are the food that can contribute a lot to your natural enhancement of your butt. Till now these were the natural ways to get the perfect butt size. It was the nature’s answer to the question How to get a Bigger Bum”. Other artificial ways are also available . for this. Those are:

Butt Enhancement Creams: Yes, in market, they are available. You can shop them online too. There are many creams in the market that can actually enhance your bum. Butt enhancement creams are always preferable over the costly butt implants that involve lot of trouble and pain.

Other way to get a best shaped bum is the surgery. But be cautious while adopting that. Proper care and lots of precautions are required to taken in this step.

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