LED Shoes

Have You Considered Shoes With Lights?

We know what you might be thinking ‘scarpe con luci are so decades ago’, well they’re not anymore. Shoes with lights or LED shoes have continued to rise in popularity in the market because of their overall design. You’re not only paying hard earned money to get shoes with lights but shoes with amazing designs that you can wear with or without the lights. As you might have noticed with some LED shoes, the manufactures didn’t really give much thought on the design of the shoes since the LED lights were the main features, but the base is crucial too.LED Shoes

Hover Kick’s LED Shoes

Hover Kicks is a website that offers all kinds of LED shoes to choose from, they have the perfect ones for kids as well as adults. They have invested good amounts of resources to the creation of the shoe itself alongside the design. But you might have some concerns or inquiries regarding the LED shoes before you seriously take them into consideration. We might just be able to shed some light into those inquiries.LED ShoesLED shoes are waterproof, they are specially designed to protect the LED lights in the sole; we all know that LED lights and water don’t really mix well together. Hover Kicks has made sure that the outside of the shoe is water resistant and can sustain small amounts of snow or rain. You can locate that battery inside the shoe, make sure to keep them dry in order to prolong the usage. Batteries usually take about two and a half hours before they are fully charged.

You can charge the shoes using a USB cable, no need to purchase a charger for the sole purpose of recharging the LED shoes. Every LED shoe at Hover Kicks have the basic structure, all you have to do is chose the design.

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