Hamster Cages A New Trend In Hamster Care

Hamsters are the cutest tiny rat-like creature to be adopted as the best pet at home, people around the world are finding it difficult to install large cages or house for pets in their home as there is little space available for even human to live. A new pet with abundant cuteness and came with abundant tiny as well as fancy cages options to live Hamster will surely let you equip with a pet at home.

Hamster Care

It’s very important to put your pet under a special care unit as the tiny pets are stormed with danger in surroundings call it killer enemies Dog or cats or loopholes in the home that can let you find your cutie Hamster for a long time. For a proper care options series of Cool Hamster Cages are available in the market, with all proper and vital care options for a smooth life of Hamster these cages will let you always connected to the tiny members of your family with provided extra care and security.


It is very important to know different types of hamster species available to choose a perfect cage.

Different species of Hamster

Famously there are two categories of Hamster could be adopted as your pet as the common amongst two is the Syrian Hamster as these hamsters are often termed as golden Hamster with a life span of 2 to 2.5 years and size of adult Hamster is 5.5 inches. As Syrian Hamster are larger in size than the Dwarf Hamster, they require a large spacious cage for staying.

Dwarf Hamster as the name suggest are smaller in size as compared to Syrian Hamster, their average height is up to 3 inches with life expectancy in range 3 to 3.5 years. Dwarf Hamster could run as fast as 100 miles per night at the famous Hamster wheel. As the size of Dwarf Hamster is small as compared to Syrian they required small cages but a sure installation of Hamster wheel for a greater life expectancy.

Hamster Cages

As Hamster is of different kinds their cages and staying options come under different ranges and with plenty of suitable surroundings created inside these cages to provide them greater life expectancies. The market is flooded with cool Hamster cages, it will be surprising that these homes are in that much trend that some online sites have special category for Hamster Cages or we can say Hamster’s homes.


Hamster Cages are available as two options Permanent and Temporary, as Baby Hamster requires not that much large space and the little cage will be used for only 3-4 weeks during the growing years of the hamster. During these phase, Temporary cages could be used with wires and little space.

Once the Hamster is adult or we can say surpasses their growing years they need a large surface area to run around on the floors and the exercise region, for this Permanent and spacious cage is the most vital requirement for the tiny members.

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