Free Fake Calls

Since the invention of telephones, there has been an increase in fake calls and prank calls. A fake call is a prank call which may be seen as a practical joke through a telephone. These fake calls may be for several purposes such as fun, amusing time pass or sometimes it may also be for the purpose of irritating and threatening the victim.

Today, it is an era of science and technological advancement. The use of internet has become really common and is available to the common people as well. And so, with this advancement has also increased its adverse effects by certain wicked elements of the society. One such easy way of the miss use of the advancement is fake calls. However, it may also be for fun purposes only and no serious offences may be intended. There are various applications as well as websites which are specifically designed for giving free fake call for anyone who desires to do so. Though these sites, you may disguise your caller id and change your voice. Spooftel, covert calling, caller id faking etc are such applications.


Very famous and eminent personalities are known to have to become a victim to these calls, Queen Elizabeth II and Fidel Castro to name a few. The callers of these fake calls may take several steps in order to maintain anonymity. They may use payphones also in order to hide their real identity, but as payphones are gradually decreasing in number, it is becoming less common. Also, another option is using some form of VoIP and PRI lines with certain services, the number does not exist and hence it becomes really difficult to trace the source of such fake calls. These spoofing services work similar to prepaid calling cards and the call arrives at the receiver with the number chosen by the caller. However, the trend of caller id spoofing has also been used by law – enforcement agencies and some government agencies for some legal matters.


So, the above written paragraphs about fake calls are just introductory and very basic. In order to learn more about these calls, you must refer to the internet and should help yourself to be safe and secure from the adverse effects of these calls. However, for fun purposes, you may yourself try one of those applications and make fool of your friends and enjoy the prank (wink, wink).

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