Everything You Need To Know About Carrageenan

Carrageenan is a fiber that has a water-soluble nature and is found in red seaweeds. These fibers form a gel, which is why it is mainly used as a thickener and stabilizer for different food products. The most common food products that used carrageenan are sauces, ice cream, whipping cream, baking products, and even food snacks. In short, carrageenan is widely used as it makes the food more presentable and at the same time more delicious.carrageenan

Where did its name come from?

Carrageenan gets its name from a specific type of red seaweed that is abundant along the coastal areas of Ireland, specifically in Carragheen, an Irish coastal village. On the other hand, most of today’s carrageenan that is used to process the different food that we have today hails from Southeast Asia and the islands in the Pacific.

Carrageenan is Proven to Be Perfectly Safe

Carregeenan is also a safe ingredient and that it poses no danger to human health, as the United States Food and Drug Administration recognizes it as a GRAS. GRAS stands as the acronym for Generally Recognized As Safe. In the United States alone, carrageenan is used a component of almost all processed foods for more than five years. As of now, carrageenan is still growing in popularity as more and more companies are using this seaweed extract to improve the marketability of their various food products offered in the market.carrageenan

The Health Benefits of Carrageenan

In the past, the red seaweed where carrageenan is taken from is usually being boiled on water and sometimes even on milk. The extract is then used as a formula to soothe the digestive system. And yes, carrageenan has its own benefits as it can be used as an extract to soothe various digestive system problems. If ever you are feeling the effects of indigestion, or if you have eaten too much and your stomach feels like cramming up, taking in food that contains carrageenan is recommended.

Carrageenan has a property that improves the rhythmic flow of your digestive system, making the whole digestion process easier as it stabilizes the fluids inside your body, making the flow through your organs much smoother. Carrageenan is also used by some to treat different kinds of ulcers. It is also sometimes taken in as a form of laxative, as well as also lowers down the body’s cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

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