Essential Characteristics Of Photo Booth Toronto

Photo booth is a photograph taking enterprise which takes pictures and offers their customized version to the customers. Earlier these photo booths were available across the globe but as the technology progressed and developed with time, the concept of photo booths became obsolete. Over the years, their utility went down tremendously.  Nowadays various websites come with photo booth options where they direct you to particular photo booth options available in your vicinity. A wide range of photo booths are available in Toronto, one of the major cosmopolitan cities of Canada. One of these services is Toronto photo booth services. Photo booth Toronto is quite different from what other services usually offer.


The service comes in both open air and conventional enclosed forms. Almost all of the services have a social media kiosk attached to them which enables photo sharing across various social media platforms. Photo booth Toronto helps you stay connected to your social circle. Not only you can share your pictures on social media, but you may also change filters of your photographs, customized them with your brand name and mail to respective clients. Hence, the age old notion of photo booth serving as an enclosed space for taking instant photographs has changed and photo booths have evolved over time.

Enclosed Booths

People prefer enclosed photo booths owing to privacy reasons. Moreover, enclosed booths give a traditional look to the photographs. This kind of photo booth is ideal for smaller events which don’t have a large gathering and do not go on for too long. At the most, 10 people can fit in this kind of photo booth.

Enclosed booths come with modern touch-screen lounge version with every essential feature the users may require. One to two technicians are present for assistance in the booths. They provide props like hats, sunglasses bows to help you make your pictures more fun and memorable. There is a wide range of filters to use including colour, black and white, sepia and more. One of the major benefits of this service is that there is no limit to the number of pictures you can take. Pictures with 4 by 6 inches dimension are instantly available from the booths. Other than this, you may also customize your photographs by imprinting your company logo or your name in the strips. All of these features are available without any set up fees, travel expenses or other additional charges.

Open air booths

Open air booths are ideal for bigger events with larger number of guests. A large group of people can take pictures together in open air booths. Here the audience is part of the fun. They can either remain in the background and watch people getting clicked or be a part of the photograph.  The biggest advantage of open air booths is that it allows viewership to the audience.


Open air booths also come with a line-of touch onscreen lounge but with far greater capacity. These booths can include as many as 25 people at one time. Features of open air of booth are similar to enclosed photo booths. Open air booths also offer various filters, props, unlimited photo prints and instant delivery of 4 by 6 inches pictures. Photograph strips can be customized with logos or names. No set up, travel , tear down or additional expenses are involved – as in the case of enclosed booths. Other than this, open air booths also offer an additional feature-a red photo back drop.

One can easily acquire thank you cards and photo frames from open air as well as enclosed booths. People may also opt for a guest book which is a kind of album showcasing the event. They come in various packages available for different prices – 2hr session at 599$, 3hr session at 749$ and 4hr session at 799$

To put it in simple words, photo booth Toronto is an amazing photo capturing enterprise.

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