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We have all had fond memories growing up as a child, it might have been a cakewalk for us but only our parents know the struggle of raising a child. If you are a parent you will understand how grueling an experience it is to take care of your toddler. The first two years of parenthood are memorable years, especially so, as your child takes its first steps, utters its first words and so on. It’s a magical experience. The experience is made a little bit easier by the help of baby diaper bags. The diaper bags have come as a boon to parents as you can put all your baby related stuff into one place so that they are easy to handle. With these diaper bags you never have to worry about forgetting something, ever again. cheap-diaper-bag-backpack

What’s a baby diaper bag?

Diaper bags, sometimes even called a nappy bag is a kind of storage bag with many pockets and has enough room to carry to all the stuff needed to take care of a baby on an outing.

To differentiate these bags from normal backpacks or camping bags, these bags come with rigid handles or even wheels allowing the person to hold on to the baby more firmly and at the same time being able to perform many tasks like, paying the cashier, opening the door etc. Wheeling the bag around also reduces the tension on the lower back preventing lower back pain. These baby diaper bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes with vibrant colors. The logic is that a brightly-colored is not very easy to lose and it also helps in beating the “baby blues”. Many top designers saw this as an opportunity and have made their mark with their beautiful designs, colors, and styles. Many top brands are designing bags for parents who don’t mind spending big bucks for bags that look pretty and also have a lot of functions.

Tips for choosing the best diaper bag:best-diaper-bags-under-150-cool-mom-picks

There are many kinds of diaper bags available in the market today but the one you need solely depends on your personal situation. Your requirements might be different from other parents, therefore it’s essential for you to decide the things you would carry for your baby coupled with your things.

Space is a very important factor, to help you decide here’s a list of common things you would carry for your baby as well as for yourself.

Baby gear:

  • Diapers
  • Soft wipes
  • Cream
  • Pacifier
  • Toys
  • Bag for dirty diapers
  • Baby bottle/sipper
  • Hat and sunscreen

Your gear:

  • Wallet
  • Phones
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hats
  • Snacks
  • Keys
  • Makeup(for moms)
  • Beer(for Dads)

This list is not exhaustive and as you can see the number of items on the list can quickly grow to a ridiculous number. Hence, it’s important for you to gather these items in one place and try fitting them in your bag. There must be enough room in the bag to fit all these items, if it’s not possible to fit all and things start getting unorganized; it’s advisable to discard a few things ad only carry the essential items.

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