As we have said, you can write for us any time you feel like you have something important. Just follow the below guidelines.

#1. Word count

All articles should be written with UK English font 11. You must have headings and sub headings well outlined. Blogs need to be 300-450 words but must have precise and accurate relevant points. Don’t beat around the bush thinking that we will assume. Research, plan your paragraphs well and we will have no option but to accept your article and publish it. This is the most important thing.

#2. Stick to the niche

No matter how excellent your article is, it must follow our guidelines and steps. You don’t need to write about Wildlife or gambling and you know we deal with entertainment and social life issues. Choose your topics based on the threshold of our niche to ensure that you remain relevant. All writers are professional so you need to watch every language that you use. Humor is okay but you need to know the boundaries because the target people have all sorts of people. Be considerate and proceed with moderation on anything. Don’t be biased, it should not be discriminative on race, religion or any social level or caliber. Always be neutral and state facts that bring the reality. We don’t need judgmental articles here.

#3. Payment

It could be there or not depending on what your article will have generated. We also keep you updated that you will receive compensation as soon as we publish the article.