Best Wearable Gps Pet Trackers Found In The Market For Your Buddy Pets

The full form of the GPS is global positioning system. The GPS tracking is used for the observation of the location with the help satellites and gives the exact position like latitude, longitude, Couse direction and sped of the target. It can also easily detect the stationary and non-stationary objects. The GPS tracking is the advanced technology as has application in many fields. One such application is tracking the pet’s location. GPS is used for tracking the exact location of the pets like cat, dogs etc. hence it is called as the GPS pet trackers.

The GPS pet tracking system uses the more advanced technology which attracts many owners of pets to go through it so they can lose their worries about their dog activities. The main aim of the GPS pet tracker is to show the owner their pet activity like where it goes at that time can be find easily. Some of GPS trackers had a boundary limiters technology which means first it allowed to set some borders for your pets when the pets are crossing these boundaries it immediately informs you through message or call to your phone by using the cellular networks. By using this GPS technology you can easily find your pet’s activity at anytime and anywhere you want which reduces the fret on your pets.

The best thing about the GPS pet trackers are the very light weight and you can easily connect as your dog wearable. There are many companies providing different wearable pet trackers I’m going to show you the best of them.


Kyon pet tracker:

Kyon pet tracker is one of the best available in the market. These are available in different types of pet collars. It is smart pet collar with uses the GPS and radio 3G radios. It has the water proof collar which is not only used in tracking but also in other purposes such as rescuing from danger. It mainly has two sensors the water sensor and the heat sensors.  when a dog or cat or any kind of pet is drowning in the water the water sensors present in the collar detects that your little pal in danger of drowning and inform you immediately through the message or mail. The heat sensors present I it used to send the alerts you phone if you have and forgotten your pet in the hot car or not. There two meters altimeter and accelerometer present are used to inform about your pets health. You can find it thorough the LED displayed on the collar which indicates with light that is pet is unhealthy. The life time of the battery is 30 days and then you can recharged it in any base stations.

Its cost for the product $249 on the Kick starter and subscription cost of $4.99 for month for 3G connectivity.

POD 2 GPS pet trackers.

The designers of the POD 2 makes a statement that it is the world’s best and light weight GPS  pet tracker and monitor activity. The very small sized pet trackers can connect to any type of the pet collars. The POD GPS pet trackers uses a combination of three technologies for their activity they GPS, Wi-Fi or mobile services via embedded sim attached to it to keep exact tracking of your pet. It consists of the mobile button called now which shows your little buddy’s current location on the screen. In this you can also set the boundaries or virtual fence for your pet. When your pet crosses these boundaries set up by you it will alert with a message.


The cost for these pet tracker is $199 for pre order and $49 for the subscription of yearly data and first year is absolutely free.

Dog Telligent;

The dog Telligent can connect to your dog’s collar which enables you to find the location of the dog with GPS present in it. You can also made virtual fence for your fence which allows you to know that your dog is crossing the limit. The other feature is that you can also talk with your dog with the built in micro speakers.  It your pet is lost in the night it is easily visible with the LED lights present in it. It has a long battery life and by using this you can see the history of the pet visits.

The cost for the product $120

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